MarShawn said “a good conversation will carry them for a lifetime.”

then allow our words to be something that can suspend gravity, illustrating and making it so that it feels like we are levitating above it all - if just for a moment.

let our words today be a foundation for those of us who crawl on our bellies to meetings and rallies because are bellies are collapsed from the lack of feeding our souls deserve on a daily.

let the words we choose today remind us that we don’t need to hurry the fuck up - all the time. let them remind us that there is time to breathe and brake and forsake every fuckin’ thing!

let the words we choose carry us to each other so that we can fall into the arms of each other. let these words remind us that there will be quakes and thunder, we will fall under but not alone - not this time and not on our watch.

let our words declare that we DO NOT move without tending to scars.
we DO NOT love without mending our hearts.
we DO NOT live without frustration of how far we still have to go.

so let our words carry them, carry us for a lifetime.

oh MarShawn, rest well.