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yesterday, on the first day of pride month, johana “joa” medina, a salvadorian trans alum seeker living with HIV, died in an el paso, texas hospital after ICE purposely delayed medical treatment.

according to a press release from grecia, trans leader from casa migrante in juarez, mexico who accompanies joa until her death, joa had pleaded for weeks that she was in need of medical care due to hiv complications. the press release states that after two months of suffer, joa was finally taken to las palmas del sol hospital in el paso, texas after johanna became extremely ill.


johana “joa” medina died june 1, 2019 at 21:00 hours. .

just a little over a year ago, rosxanna hernández, an hiv positive hundoran trans woman, died while ICE custody last year after being denied medical treatment and physical abuse.

we speak your name, joa.

we speak your name roxsanna.

we speak the name of every trans woman murdered.

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