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so there is a lot going on with the stories swirling around puerto rican and dominican reggaeton/latin trap aritstozuna. it is hella complicated and involves multiple people. but what links all of these people is the insidiousness of homophobia. 

before i continue, i must note that this ozuna saga is still on-going and more could be revealed by the time you read this. i will try my best to update as new information is made available. but this is what we know so far. 


on january 10th, puertorican queer latin-trap artist kevin fret was murdered. since then, there have been rumors and speculations that ozunawas connected to fret’s murder. admittedly, before tuesday afternoon, i had no idea of what the basis of the speculations was. 

latino media outlet, primera hora, reported earlier this week that fret threatened to release a pornographic video featuring ozuna on social media. some would say, “what’s the big deal? what public figure in 2019 DOESN’T have a compromising video out on the net?” well, the video fret threatened to release that features ozuna is a film that would be categorized as “gay porn.”

in a world where homophobia and toxic masculinity exists, the threat of releasing this kind of video can have major implications on artists that are assumed to be and/or consumed as cis-hetero. particularly in a genre that values the presentation of masculinity is so closely associated with the music and artistry. 


on tuesday, the digital media outlet, remezcla, reported that ozuna allegedly paid fret $50,000 to prevent the video from being leaked. ozuna’s attorney has stated that ozuna had also reported the extortion to the FBI. 

since this story broke, folks have been sharing the link of the video fret had threated to release. ozuna has confirmed via a statement that it is, in fact, him in the video. he has also stated that he was underage when the video was recorded. 

wait. there’s more. 

because homophobia is what the fuck it is, puertorican reggaeton artist don omar, used the scandal to take a homophobic jab at ozuna, who he had long been beefing with. in the tweet, don omar uses the duck emoji which is clearly a reference to the anti-gay slur, “pato.” 


latinx-trap artists and current queer fave, bad bunny, responded to don omar’s post by tweeting: “homophobia in this day and age? how embarrassing loco.”


so, that was a lot. where does this leave us now? well, i am not sure as i am sure this story is still developing, but i will offer these few takeaways. 

1. do not watch the ozuna video. if ozuna says that he was underage, i believe him. it is no secret that the bodies of young men continue to be exploited, so his claim is not that hard to believe. also, in this age of consent, if there is someone asks people not to watch a video of their naked body because it makes them feel unsafe, we should honor that demand. PERIODT.

2. don omar is trash. he has not apologized and because he is a coward, he even denied that the use of the duck emoji was code for “pato.” also, omar is living proof that homophobia is neither “witty” or “clever.” 

3. lastly, homophobia harms and kills! this developing saga is a sobering reminder that homophobia violently impacts those who not only identify as LGBTQ but also those at close proximity or those who are identified by others as LGBTQ. we must ALL challenge this shit at every level.

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